Jul 19, Learn how to enjoy and use Sony products. Facebook shares plunge after warning of slowing growth. ISO is really only usable at 4×6 inches. The arrow keys navigate through any settings menu, and the OK button confirms menu selections. Jul 25, camera news.

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Digital Cameras – Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

The T9 has the same sliding lens cover design as several other cameras in the T-series. Anyhow, all the buildings in the sony dsc-t9 are nice and sharp, things aren’t too noisy, and purple fringing levels are reasonable. Read on for our full analysis. I was able to achieve focus as close as six inches away from the subject. The screen packs sony dsc-t9, pixels so everything is nice and sharp, and it’s son easy to see even in bright outdoor dxc-t9.

Instead, Sony has built a whopping 58MB right into the camera, which is a lot more than you’d get if a sony dsc-t9 card was included.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9: Digital Photography Review

Internet Explorer Download the latest version. A very common outcome for this shot. High Speed Shutter mode is best sony dsc-t9 moving subjects, and uses faster shutter speeds to freeze sony dsc-t9, while Candle mode preserves color in candlelight and soft incandescent sony dsc-t9. In my experience, I was able to take about 90 pictures with about half of the battery life remaining.

Hair Noise suppression tends to blur detail in areas of subtle contrast, as in the darker parts of Marti’s dsc-f9 here. This also makes the camera quick on the draw, as you don’t have to wait on the lens to telescope into position before sony dsc-t9 can shoot. The power button is handy, however, when you want to turn on the camera to upload pictures to the computer using the supplied USB cable, and do not want to expose sony dsc-t9 lens.

At the telephoto end, the T9’s 0. This sony dsc-t9 the tendency for the lens to bend straight lines outward like a barrel–usually at wide angle or sony dsc-t9 like a pincushion–usually at telephoto. If you “prefocus” the camera by half-pressing and holding down the shutter button before the final exposure, it’s exceptionally fast, with a shutter delay of only 0.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T9 Digital Camera Review

I should also add one note about the burst mode on sony dsc-t9 T9 in addition to the timings mentioned above: As I said in the previous section, I’m not a huge fan of the sliding lens cover, but you may not mind.

Sony’s Precision Digital Zoom does an excellent job of minimizing loss of quality. In their “Compact” line, they’ve now added a new six-megapixel model that builds on sony dsc-t9 success of the preceding T-models, and sony dsc-t9 a new Steady Shot mode to counter camera shake.

How does it perform? The T9 has better-than-average battery life, and it supports the USB 2.

Barrel sony dsc-t9 at 38mm is 0. Fujifilm goes long with Fujinon XF mm F2 lens and sony dsc-t9 kit. I found this very disappointing. Night Mode ISO Outdoor shots generally showed accurate exposure, but with strong, blown out highlights in direct sunlight, and very deep shadows with limited detail.

At the camera’s maximum ISO rating ofnoise is dsc-9 visible, but sony dsc-t9 usable pictures can be taken. Four soundtracks come with the camera or can be uploaded to the camera from user-supplied MP3s or CDs.

Optical image stabilization reduces image blur from hand movement, while high light sensitivity helps to lessen blurriness resulting from low-light conditions. We recommend sony dsc-t9 and installing the latest version of one of the following browsers:. The results are below.

The arrow keys of the Five-way pad scroll through menu selections, and the OK button in the center of the pad confirms sony dsc-t9 changes. A half-press of the Shutter button adds the shutter speed and aperture settings to the Sony dsc-t9 T9’s display.