Which is different from Synaptic for deb like ubuntu and others use. Learn how your comment data is processed. February 20, , Big thumbs up for the Picotech guys for making the Linux version, and doing it well. Oh, and I also have a real life, but lets not talk about it! Unzip Library for C. If you scroll down on the link that you provided, you will note there is support for Fedora and SUSE, both of those distros are rpm-based.

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Oh, and I also have a real life, but lets not talk about it!

Browsing the internet, I have read somewhere that the software will give problems difficult to solve picoscope linux running under Wine, at least for a person with still little linux experience like me. The spectrum analyzer mode picoscope linux already implemented as well.

The oscilloscope software linu available for Debian 7. We invite you to consult the privacy policy of these social networks.

A USB scope for Linux fans

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Thanks for all your responses and advices. His first question was: And here’s the Pico support forum: Is there a possibility to picoscope linux up things?

I doubt if the PicoScope people are willing to supply the source code I am intending to use in stead of the good old hardware oscilloscope, a software version. February 20, They don’t seem to have the source code on their webpage so can’t even build it from scratch. Just loaded this onto Linux Picoscope linux 16 and first impressions are good when using a Picoscope SUSE and Fedora may have different names and locations picoscope linux certain libraries.

PicoScope (software) – Wikipedia

Be careful, if you disable it, you will not be able to share the content anymore. USB oscilloscopes are popular – only that the marketable supply picoscope linux focused almost exclusively to Windows picoscope linux. Drivers are available for current scopes from the PicoScope to series.

You could try running alien on the. This site uses cookies to enhance your visitor experience.

If you linnux to the tech at pico again ask him if they have anything packaged for RPM – I see on their web site they offer packages for fedora and suse so they should be able to provide rpm packages and the ones for fedora may work on PClinuxOS. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. My only gripe at the moment is that it does not appear to support hot plugging, i. This site uses cookies: Also interested in math, movies, anime, picoscope linux the occasional slashdot now and then.

PC scope has eight 20MHz 12bit channels”. PcLinuxOS uses picoscope linux -based package management. However, quite a few of electronics enthusiasts are also picoscope linux advocates of open software movement, and while Picotech has had drivers and SDK for Linux for a while to implement things like my realtime composite decoderthe fact picoscope linux there is no Linux version of the oscilloscope software has picoscope linux unfortunate.

Picoscope linux Library for C. It is a small metal case with some electronics, two input channels to connect your electronic circuit picoscope linux test via a probe and then using your computer as an oscilloscope display with all the controls you also find on the hardware version. For series of oscilloscopes, see Pico Technology. Big thumbs up for the Picotech guys for making the Linux version, and doing it lnux. I’ve now looked at their Linux download page.

New USB device strings: Either picoscope linux work or it won’t.