When over-clocking it loaded and ran everything without a problem. This motherboard has been stable from day one! And those are name-brand modules, delivered. You want the two separate pins at the end of the main case connector header block, not the “IDE LED” pins within that block. So DDR is cool.

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It’s easy enough to do all you need is a pencil! While Intel and their oddly pigmented henchmen try to persuade the world that nothing as expensive as a Asus a7a266 motherboard mktherboard could possibly be a bad buy, AMD have been asus a7a266 motherboard plugging along with the Athlon and Duron.

Processor installation was very easy and there is nothing to get in the way of the wsus sink. So, if you’ve got to upgrade now, what you asus a7a266 motherboard is a motherboard that asus a7a266 motherboard take both kinds of memory. I’m using a7q266 in my main computer, on which I’m writing this review, and I’ll probably hang onto it for a while. Give Dan some money! More to follow on that! It comes packaged with great documentation and software bundle.

You might as well make use of that old 64 or 32Mb module, if you’ve got a slot to put it in. If motherbaord doesn’t work – or if you set a BIOS password and then forget what it is – the normal strategy is to unplug the computer and use a jumper on the motherboard to clear the CMOS memory and set everything back to defaults.

Asus A7A266 User Manual: Motherboard Components

An update of the BIOS to v. When over-clocking it loaded and ran everything without a problem. With a BIOS update to v.

The motherboard probably won’t care, but some of your other components – cards, drives – might. There are Wake On Asus a7a266 motherboard and Wake On Ring connectors, which let the computer moterboard up in response to a power-on command from the network, or an incoming call, if you’ve got a compatible network adapter or internal modem installed.

Lets have a look! I have an Antec SX case that has lots of asus a7a266 motherboard.

Physically, kotherboard A7A looks well suited for use by asus a7a266 motherboard lunatic fringe. I am just now starting to mess with the front side bus settings. As long as your motherboard can handle the FSB you want, you’re fine; anything you can do with a higher multiplier, you can also do with a higher FSB. Great motherboard for the price.

That’s just as well, actually; quite a few current DDR-only Assus A motherboards only have two memory slots. But it’s about time for an upgrade anyway. My only problem asus a7a266 motherboard heat!

This motherboard has been stable from day one! My review board had a defect – the right sound channel didn’t work.

Web hosting kindly provided by SecureWebs. It’s got on-board sound, using a C-Media chipset which is better than the usual ACcompliant audio, but which still won’t be very interesting to anybody who wants 5.


My asus a7a266 motherboard were getting a little high so I decided to back it off. I am currently running it with the fsb at Mhz, which my cpu posts at Mhz. I didn’t run a benchmark with the fsb at Mhz for fear of overheating my cpu. Until that updated A7A comes along though, we either have to wait for a BIOS update with multiplier adjustment, or just do without.

It just kept rebooting into windows and the power switch would not work. And which also gives you a couple of front-panel USB ports. My score on asus a7a266 motherboard with my cpu at Mhz was a ! About Mhz on the fsb was all I could push it.